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Research Paper: DeFi on Bitcoin

About this Research Paper

At Insight DeFi, we consider Bitcoin to be the most interesting and transforming innovation of our time. As we see it, Bitcoin is morphing into the digital world’s base money, predestined to serve as pristine collateral for a new world of finance. It is our belief that this new world of finance will be built in layers. Thus, for the purpose of this research paper, we have set out to explore the emerging multi-layered infrastructure that is already being built on Bitcoin. Driven by the pursuit to evaluate DeFi on Bitcoin, we take a closer look at its great promises as well as its underlying risks and challenges.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Why DeFi on Bitcoin

3. Bitcoin’s Multi-Layered Financial System

4. Bitcoin Sidechains: An Overview

5. How to Evaluate Bitcoin Sidechains

6. The Rise of dApps

7. Sidechains vs Second Layer Protocols

Read the research paper here:

DeFi on Bitcoin_Insight DeFi Research_final
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