• Pascal Hügli

Contributions to Crypto Rsearch Report

Pascal Hügli from Insight DeFi got to write two articles about the stablecoin Tether (USDT) for the renowned crypto publication called Crypto Research Report.

In these pieces, he explains the various questions that have caused some controversy around Tether in the past. What is the extent to which Tether is backed by real US dollars? Is there a correlation between the market capitalization of Tether and the price of Bitcoin? For what purpose is Tether mainly used?

Additionally, Pascal argues that Tether has traditionally been seen as an on-ramp for investors looking to acquire larger quantities of Bitcoin, but the continued increase in the market capitalization of Tether is not necessarily the result of an increase in that demand. Instead, a different phenomenon seems to be emerging: There is a demand for tether as a value in and of itself. This is due to the fact that the stablecoin is widely used as a settlement vehicle for arbitrageurs between crypto trading exchanges.

Read the two articles here:


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