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Pascal Hügli

I am a content creator, financial strategist, moderator, lecturer, debater as well as life-long seeker looking to gain a real understanding of how the world works. In my pursuit of knowledge, I am listening to every argument, ponder every question and deny myself no possible answer. This allows me to tackle whatever topic with a 360-degree view. Gaining unorthodox insights is a top-priority goal, so I can distinguish myself as an original thinker and journalist. More about me here.

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Daniel Jungen

I am an interdisciplinary personality with a background in business administration and law. Interested in the manifold aspects of life, I am a big picture guy. My passion for storytelling and writing, combined with my interests for monetary developments and cryptoassets make for an eligible financial content creator. Creativity, a love to explore new physical, spiritual and financial realms and the urge to live at the edge of technological development drive me in life. Growing up with four brothers has shaped me into an ambitious athlete and and enthusiastic sportsman. As a theme for life I like what is written in the book of proverbs: «Wisdom is the most valuable commodity—so buy it! Understanding is what you need—so invest in it!”

My name is Manuel Jungen and I am responsible for the on-chain analysis part of the newsletter. Through my background in online poker, I discovered early on a fascination for any form of economic trading based on information asymmetries. Similar to how a superior strategy at the poker table gives us an advantage over our peers, on-chain analysis in the crypto space provides us with an information advantage over the rest of the market participants, allowing us to better allocate our capital. In addition to my work at Insight DeFi, I have completed my law studies at UZH in the summer of 2021 and am entrepreneurially active in the hearing aid industry (migelino.ch).

Manuel Jungen